Cathy at MD Safety Fair

Cathy Gillen distributes safe teen driving information on behalf of The MD Teen Safe Driving Coalition at a recent health and safety fair.

For over 24 years, Cathy Hickey Gillen has been working to connect individuals and organizations in the transportation industry. At The Gillen Group, we use our extensive relationships in the highway safety field to help each of our clients build partnerships that will ultimately strengthen and spread their messages, and make the biggest impact possible for transportation safety.

Our extensive outreach efforts include attending dozens of highway safety related events across the country each year for our clients. To keep our clients informed on what’s happening in the industry and promote their programs to their target audiences, we attend trade shows, conferences, conventions and community events.

Strategically utilizing our contacts and resources in the industry allows us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information on available opportunities such as grants, awards, panel discussions, and more.